Afghan brothers invent wind-powered landmine sweeper

photo-fullMassoud and Mahmoud Hassani who are studying at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, Netherlands have invented a wind propelled landmine sweeper inspired by a toy they played with growing up in Afghanistan.

The Mine Kafon has a small core ball at its centre which contains a GPS sensor to track the Kafon’s whereabouts. This data is then recorded to map out areas that the device has cleared.

The pair are raising funds via the crowdfunding website Kickstarter in order to take the project beyond the prototype stage.

Its currently estimated to cost around $1200 (USD) per mine to clear a minefield. The Mine Kafon’s creators estimate they will be able to produce it for around $90 per unit, with each unit normally surviving 4 mine blasts.

Sources: Weird Things, BBC

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  1. Frederick Jamerson says:

    Sometimes the best ideas are those simplest to execute, bravo!

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