Bus lane police moved to back office roles

Two police officers filmed lifting an incapacitated woman into a bus lay-by on a Londonderry street have been moved from any duties that bring them into direct contact with the public.

The incident happened on Monday.

The PSNI has said they were following a recommendation from the Police Ombudsman’s office while it investigates the incident.

Bridget Mongan, 23, admits being drunk at the time, but said the officers should have left her on the pavement.

She has called for the officers to be sacked.

Temporary Deputy Chief Constable Alistair Finlay said the repositioning of the officers was “without any prejudice to them or the continuing investigation by the police ombudsman’s office”.

It will be reconsidered at the end of the ombudsman’s inquiry.

Ms Mongan said she “could’ve been killed” in the incident on John Street in Derry.

The BBC obtained CCTV footage that showed the moments leading up to the incident on St Patrick’s Day.

“My boyfriend was arrested and I got a bit upset,” said Ms Mongan.

“I could have been killed stone dead. What they did to me is totally unacceptable.

Bridget Mongan told BBC Radio Foyle: “I could have been killed”
“I don’t remember how I ended up lying on the road. I don’t remember a whole lot,” she added.

“From what I remember, the officers didn’t say anything to me before they left.

“I was drunk, yes, but they could’ve at least left me on the footpath. It’s out of order, it’s as simple as that.

“It’s not their job to do that. I cried when I saw the footage. I am a human being you know.

“They should lose their job now. If they did to me, they could do it to everyone.

“I am an alcoholic and I’m not proud of it but they what they did on Monday was unacceptable.”

In a statement on Wednesday, Police Ombudsman Dr Michael Maguire said he had viewed the footage and had begun an investigation.

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