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Edward Snowden leaves Hong Kong for Moscow

From The Guardian: NSA whistleblower left on Aeroflot flight to Moscow, Hong Kong government confirms, two days after US charged him with espionage Edward Snowden supporters demonstrate outside the US consulate in Hong Kong. Photograph: Bobby Yip/Reuters The NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has flown … Continue reading

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Future vaccines could be delivered via patch

From BBC News: The Nanopatch contains an array of thousands of vaccine-coated projections that perforate the skin A skin patch that can deliver vaccines cheaply and effectively has been shown off at the TEDGlobal conference in Edinburgh. Using a patch … Continue reading

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NSA snooping: Facebook reveals details of data requests

From BBC News: Facebook, which recently opened a massive data centre in Sweden, said it had “aggressively” protected its user data from the US government Facebook received 9,000-10,000 requests for user data from US government entities in the second half … Continue reading

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Senior Hong Kong politician advises Snowden he is not safe from extradition

From The Independent: One of Hong Kong’s top politicians has advised the NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden to leave the city, where he is thought to be in hiding, saying he would not be safe from extradition to the US if … Continue reading

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UK gathering secret intelligence via covert NSA operation

From The Guardian: Documents show GCHQ (above) has had access to the NSA’s Prism programme since at least June 2010. Photograph: David Goddard/Getty Images The UK’s electronic eavesdropping and security agency, GCHQ, has been secretly gathering intelligence from the world’s … Continue reading

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Afghan brothers invent wind-powered landmine sweeper

Massoud and Mahmoud Hassani who are studying at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, Netherlands have invented a wind propelled landmine sweeper inspired by a toy they played with growing up in Afghanistan. The Mine Kafon has a small core ball … Continue reading

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Ubuntu operating system comes to Android smartphones

From BBC News: Ubuntu will be able to power smartphones in addition to PCs and set top television boxes The Ubuntu operating system has been adapted to run on smartphones. The Linux-based software will allow users to run desktop apps … Continue reading

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