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Minibus driver jailed for five years for cyclist’s death

From BBC News: A minibus driver has been jailed for five years for killing a cyclist, whom he hit while looking at photographs on his mobile phone. Cyclist Owain Richard James, 30, was killed after being hit by Andrzej Wojcicki, … Continue reading

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Welsh Assembly and UK Gov in dispute over rail electrification funding

From BBC News: An escalating row over funding is threatening to delay a major upgrade of the Great Western main line between Swansea and London. The dispute is over who pays for a separate electrification of railway lines in the … Continue reading

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Government to spend £600-800m opening M4 hard shoulder

From BBC News: Plans to increase capacity on the M4 have been announced by the government. The scheme will see variable speed limits and the hard shoulder converted to a traffic lane for 31 miles between the A312 at Heathrow … Continue reading

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Solar Impulse plane reaches Washington Dulles

From BBC News: After the short layover at Cincinnati’s Municipal Lunken airport, the HB-SIA craft took off for Dulles with Piccard at the controls A solar-powered plane has touched down in Washington DC, ending the penultimate leg of a first-of-its-kind … Continue reading

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“groundbreaking” climate scientist killed on bicycle

BBC News: Dr Giles had travelled to the Arctic and the Antarctic to study sea ice A cyclist killed in a crash in central London was a talented scientist and lecturer doing research on global warming, her employer has said. … Continue reading

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Samoa Airlines charges passengers by weight

From 3 News: Samoa Airlines has decided to do what other airlines have only ever joked about – charge passengers by weight. The airline’s new fare schedule sees travellers charged between WST$1 (NZ$0.52) and $4.45 (NZ$2.32) per kilogram to fly … Continue reading

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Court that issued £35 fine for collision that killed cyclist decides on £110 fine for hitting parked car

From A court in Solihull has, in the same week as it  gave a £35 fine to a driver who killed a cyclist, handed down a £110 fine to a woman who hit a parked vehicle and drove off. … Continue reading

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Protesters halt work on £100m Bexhill to Hastings link road

From Construction Enquirer: Anti-roads protesters are holding-up construction work on the £100m Bexhill to Hastings link road being built by a Hochtief/Vinci joint venture. Campaigners have hit the project since construction was due to start in the New Year. Protesters … Continue reading

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Deutsche Bahn “committed to international London trains”

From Business Traveller: Deutsche Bahn (DB) has confirmed today that it remains committed to operating international trains from London St Pancras. “The project remains live,” says DB spokesperson Graham Meiklejohn, “there are many parties involved in putting the plans together.” … Continue reading

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Rail commuters face 6.5% fare rise

From BBC News: 2013 will be the 10th consecutive year regulated fares have gone up by more than inflation in England Some rail commuters in England will face a rise of almost 6.5% for their season tickets next year. Fares … Continue reading

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